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December 28, 2006
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This user is primarily a PvE player.

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Who is -LUX-Ftw Edit

Well let me share a little bit about my self. I started RPG like games when i was 14, playing Dungeons and Dragons in an art teachers room. We had a great game set up and played a mage. Than i moved onto Magic The Gathering. Fantastic set of games, but i wanted to get a little more into the computer gaming, so i went to diablo 2, and a couple fre to play MMORPGs, but the lag was unbearable. So during the christmas of 05, i bought guildwars, and thats what set me from here on out.

Why the name? Edit

Well i am a devoted member to a hardcore Luxon AB guild, and the abreviation is [LUX]. The guild today has an aproximate Luxon faction value totaled at 1.3mill, and the alliance with Second to Nothing [StN] total to 3.5mill. Probably have seen them before but we have been dominating the Kurzick forces since they started, and we have an 85% win ratio. I just figured the name would be nice to throw up there so that people recognize how i have the love for ABing.

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