Ursanway is a team set-up in which six players play as "Ursans", using the skill Ursan Blessing, while two other players play as healers. It is a powerful combination because of the armor-ignoring damage from spamming Ursan Strike, AoE knockdowns from Ursan Rage, and the innate armor and health increase from Ursan Blessing. Ursanway can clear many difficult areas of PvE, such as the Underworld or Fissure of Woe. It is also effective in Hard Mode areas.

Since the entire team revolves around a single skill that can be easily acquired early in the Eye of the North campaign, it is not hard to find teammates. However, this build is very reliant on timing and the lack of any energy denial, as once a character reverts out of Ursan Blessing, they will most likely not be able to use any skills.

The common use of Ursanway was halted by a game update which changed the range of Ursan Strike from Spell to Touch, but it continued to be used fairly frequently until August 7th, 2008, when another update completely revamped Ursan Blessing, as well as the other Blessing skills. The build has fallen out of favor since then, as the forced downtime makes it far less effective.

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