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Unbound Energy
Unbound Energy
Species: Margonite
Level(s): 20


Three of these spawn on the death of The Blasphemy.


Skills Used


Items Dropped

Unbound Energies do not drop loot.


  • Unbound Energies have only 20 armor against holy and fire damage, and are presumed to have 20 armor against other damage types.
  • The Unbound Energies are considered to have low health, since they almost die from a single Lightbringer's Gaze from an Adept Lightbringer.
  • Unbound Energies do 10 damage (+50 damage because of Last Rites of Torment)
  • Unbound Energies have high natural health regeneration.
  • Unbound Energies take a surprising amount of damage from lightning-based attacks. A Ritualist with offensive Channeling Magic spells can make short work of them. A well-cast Spirit Rift can kill all of them before they have a chance to deal serious damage.

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