1. Seek out Panaku in Kinya Province.

Obtained from

Jinzo in Sunqua Vale.


Opening Strike



"Panaku is ready to continue your training. He has much to teach you, but you must take his words with a grain of salt. Headmaster Lee often says we are two sides of the same blade. Panaku has a certain... passion... for his work that is foreign to me, and I worry about his effect on young minds. However, it is important that your training be balanced, so off you go. Seek him out in Kinya Province."

Reward Dialogue

"So, Jinzo has taught you the basics, has he? Well, if you are ready to get serious, you have come to the right place. Now the real fun beings...."


Dual Strike


Follow the map to Kinya Province. On the way you will encounter some Ritualists, but they are quite easy to take down. When entering Kinya Province, Panaku is located to the south-west. First, take the road north, then go west before the bridge. Panaku is located to the west, behind the mountains.

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