1. Follow Aidan's markers through the Ice Cave.
  2. See Aidan for your reward.

Obtained from

Master Seeker Nathaniel in Griffon's Mouth


Prophecies Character



"This cave is confusing and perilous; you don't want to take a wrong turn or you'll wind up wandering in the cold until you die of it. Aidan has scouted the way ahead, and my wolf can help you track him. Follow Aidan's markers to get safely through; they'll look like ordinary pebbles at first, but you'll learn to spot them if you're paying attention.
Take these men with you to help Aidan fortify his position."

Reward Dialogue

"Speak with Ambassador Braun. He'll be waiting in Scoundrel's Rise, just outside Griffon's Mouth. He'll help you get the refugees sheltered in Kryta."


To Kryta: Journey's End


This isn't too difficult if you have some support. In addition to your party, two White Mantle warriors or rangers will accompany you through the caves. You'll run into multiple groups of Snow Ettins with a couple of level 12 bosses thrown in. Follow the trail of 5 markers along the way (or just follow the wolf Snow) and talk to Aidan in Griffon's Mouth when you're out the other side.

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