1. Eliminate the 6 Centaur patrols along the main road.
  2. See Ranger Olson for your reward.

Obtained from

Master Saberlin in Beacon's Perch.


Prophecies Character



"We've encountered Centaur patrols on the road ahead, and they're attacking the caravan! I need you to take them out quickly and report to Ranger Olson"

Reward Dialogue

"We're fortunate to have your assistance. Aidan has gone on ahead into the ice caves to scout the way for you to take the refugees through. Master Seeker Nathaniel awaits you in Griffon's Mouth with further instructions."


To Kryta: The Ice Cave


Follow the arrows and stars on the map. They will lead you from one group to the next. If you are ambivalent about the well-being of the refugees, you can let them attack the Centaurs first and then engage them.

It is useful to complete this quest as it will keep that part of the road clear each time you pass through there.

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