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Species: Human
Profession: Monk
Level(s): 20


Ting is a member of Captain Rion's crew. He appears to be the brother of Hannai, also with Captain Rion.

Quests Involved In


Skills used


"Hannai isn't well, but I have high hopes that her mind can be healed in time. In time for what? That's the question."


  • "Hannai, you can stop hurting them once they're dead!"
  • "Have you met my sister? She wants to meet you. And she wants to kick you."
  • "Watch out, Hannai!"


  • The quotes are a reference to the character Simon Tam from the TV-Show Firefly and the movie Serenity, which the Halcyon and its crew are based on. This connection is further shown by the fact that the character is a doctor in the show and the movie, which corresponds with Ting's Monk profession

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