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Thorn Wolf
Thorn Wolf
Species: Plant
Profession: Assassin
Level(s): 28


Thorn Wolves are wolf-like, yet draconic plants that pop out of the ground in groups of 3-8 and surprise parties in the latter areas of Urgoz's Warren. They are high-damage assassins.


Skills used

Items dropped


  • These plants are considered among the most troublesome foes in the Warren because of their irregular aggro and their surprising pop-ups (they can pop up in an area after it has been swept a few times).
  • Due to the high amount of spike damage that these monsters are capable of dealing (Desperate Strike routinely does 300+ damage against casters), it is a good idea to bring along skills that limit damage, like Protective Spirit or Shelter.
  • Coupling Blind and Displacement is also extremely effective at neutralizing their high damage attacks.



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