1. Talk to Cynn in Traveler's Vale.
  2. Help Cynn find Mhenlo in Iron Horse Mine.
  3. Find Mhenlo.

Obtained from

Van the Warrior in Yak's Bend


Profession: Monk
Prophecies Character


  • 350 XP
  • Skills
Monk-icon-small Vigorous Spirit
Monk-icon-small Pacifism
Monk-icon-small Divine Boon


"Balthazar preserve me! I just ran into Cynn in Traveler's Vale and was she ever upset. When I asked her what was wrong, she threatened to... well, it's not something I care to repeat, but it wasn't very pleasant. Someone should probably go find out what's upsetting her before she does serious harm to someone.
Would you like to volunteer to talk to Cynn?"
Accept: "I'll talk to her."
Reject: "No way! She's dangerous!"

Intermediate Dialogue 1

Cynn: "Mhenlo had better have a good excuse. He was supposed to meet Aidan near the Iron Horse Mine, pick up some pelts, and come RIGHT back. If he's not dead or dying, I'm going to kill him for keeping me waiting. You should come along. This is going to be good."
Cynn: "He'd better be fighting for his life when we find him, or he's dead."

Intermediate Dialogue 2

Cynn: "I talk tough, but I'm really very worried about him. If something has happened..."

Intermediate Dialogue 3

Cynn: "You're not dead! Well, you're going to wish you were when I'm through with you!"
Cynn: "Do you think I like waiting around for you, huh? Do you think this is my idea of fun?"
Mhenlo: "I'm sorry Cynn, but contrary to popular belief, the world does not revolve around you."

Reward Dialogue

"I hope Cynn did not cause you too much trouble. She sometimes has a problem understanding where she ends and the next person begins. In any case, we do have business here, but it's nothing you should be concerned with. I thank you for your trouble, friend, but as you can see, I'm in no danger."


Mhenlo can be found in Iron Horse Mine just past the entrance. Talk to him and receive your reward.


  • If Cynn dies in Iron Horse Mine before completing the quest, you will have to rezone.
  • There is no "See X for your reward" in the quest log summary, but talking to Mhenlo gives you the reward.
  • Cynn will follow you during this quest. Since this takes you to the area of the quests given by Rangil Ironbow, you can use her as a good additional damage-dealer.

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