1. Kill ten hulking stone elementals.
  2. 0...10/10 hulking stone elementals slain.
  3. Return to Kendrick Redstaff for your reward.

Obtained from

Kendrick Redstaff in Serenity Temple


Profession: Elementalist
Prophecies Character



"Ah. I can see you are not a complete fool. Most people hear my name and assume I specialize in fire magic. While I know about all elements, my specialty does indeed lie in channeling the power of the earth. If you would like to learn how to use earth magic then you must prove yourself worthy. Slay 10 of the hulking stone elementals that plague Pockmark Flats and then return to me.
Do you have what it takes?"
Accept: "An easy task."
Reject: "Sounds tedious."

Reward Dialogue

"Well, it's not like killing elementals is a trying task. I have no great faith that you learned anything useful from this bit of hunting, but I hope you at least had the sense to hold on to the scorched lodestones you no doubt found."


The Geomancer's Test


Head out of Serenity Temple and head east. Kill the Hulking Stone Elementals there and then head back to Serenity Temple. Repeat this two or three times until you kill a total of ten elementals. There are also more than enough Hulking Stone Elementals outside and to the West of Sardelac Sanitarium.


  • This quest can be done at the same time as Scorched Earth.
  • You can also kill Boulder Elementals in Diessa Lowlands and it will count as killing hulking stone elementals.

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