1. Destroy the Charr forces besieging Piken Square.
  2. Return to Duke Barradin for your reward.

Obtained from

Duke Barradin in Piken Square


Prophecies character


Energy +4
Lightning damage: 4-7 (Requires 3 Air Magic)
Halves skill recharge of spells (Chance: 10%)
Armor penetration +10% (Chance:10%)
Blunt damage: 13-20 (Requires 3 Hammer Mastery)
Double adrenaline on hit (Chance: 10%)
Armor penetration +5% (Chance: 10%)


"Ah, good, it's you. You've earned my trust and my respect, and now I must ask for your assistance once again. As you can see, the Charr have us pinned down. Our only chance is to take out the Charr captain and break the siege, then take the fight to them. While I ready the troops, I need you to assassinate the Charr captain, then report back to me as soon as possible. Good luck."

Reward Dialogue

"By breaking the siege, you have helped to turn the tide in our favor. Thanks to your efforts, Piken Square is secure. We'll establish a base here and launch raids deep into enemy territory. The Charr will be sorry they ever laid eyes on the Great Wall."


Hammer and Anvil


Exit Piken Square and kill the Charr Captain out front. The captain has a Healing Signet, so be prepared for a long fight if your party doesn't do a lot of damage.


The warhammer reward can be expert salvaged for a perfect furious hammer haft.

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