The Shattered Ravines
The Shattered Ravines
Basic Info
Campaign: Nightfall
Type: Explorable area
Part of: The Desolation
Joko's Domain,
The Alkali Pan,
The Ruptured Heart,
Lair of the Forgotten
Shattered Ravines
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The Shattered Ravines are filled with ravines from which it gets its name. The ravines divide the area in parts and are filled with the Sulfurous Haze, which forces players to use Junundu to traverse through much of the map. Because of this, most of the enemies can be killed with ease while in Junundu.


Towns and Outposts

Explorable areas

Points of interest






The Shattered Ravines


  • Vanquisher Title: 282-390 foes. (With quest Getting Even)
  • If you enter this area from Joko's Domain you may instantly appear in the aggro circle of a patrol of Margonites, so beware.
  • There are 3 Ranger bosses in this area, so bring up to 3 Signets of Capture when capturing elites.
  • Additional margonites scouts spawn during the quest Getting Even; these do count towards the bounty.
  • Exploring this area counts for 2.6% of the explorer title.

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