The Ruptured Heart
The Ruptured Heart
Basic Info
Campaign: Nightfall
Type: Explorable area
Part of: The Desolation
The Shattered Ravines,
Crystal Overlook,
Poisoned Outcrops,
The Alkali Pan,
Ruins of Morah
The Ruptured Heart map
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The Ruptured Heart is an Explorable area in The Desolation. It is centered around a large crater, which itself is centered around The Mouth of Torment. The crater is thick with enemies, especially servants of Abbadon, such as Margonites and Graven Monoliths. Above the rim of the crater, the enemies are further between, and most of them are Undead and the wildlife of the region. In fact, outside of the depression, this area is typical of the region in every way save for the near-absence of sulphurous sand. The crater and the area to the Northwest of it are stone, while the rest may be traversed in a Junundu.


Towns & outposts

Explorable areas

Note: Paths leading outside of the circular center area are blocked until Ruins of Morah is completed.

Shrines & Blessings



The Ruptured Heart





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