1. Find and kill the Kaguchi brothers.
  2. See Headmaster Zhan for your reward.


Obtained From

Headmaster Zhan in Shing Jea Monastery


Primary profession: Warrior
Warrior Insignia


Armor +10 (Requires 4 Strength)
Received damage -5 (Chance: 15%)


Kappa (levels 1 & 6)
Crimson Skull (various, levels 3-8)
Nongbu Kaguchi (level 8, ranger type)
Buqui Kaguchi (level 8, ranger type)


"We Warriors are blessed with superior strength and skill, and each of us must choose how we use these gifts: we can protect those weaker than ourselves, or we can take advantage of them. I have sworn to protect the weak, and it is my hope that you will do the same.
You recall the gang of crop thieves you dispatched earlier? They were employed by the Kaguchi brothers, notorious criminals in these parts. I understand the brothers are busy recruiting more outlaws, so unless we stop them now, we can expect only more trouble from them in the near future. What do you say, <name>, will you use your skills to put an end to the Kaguchi brothers' villainy once and for all?"

Reward Dialogue

"I am pleased to learn of your success (Name). The Kaguchi brothers were nefarious killers, and your victory speaks volumes for your character, honor and ability.
Master Togo will wish to speak with you again now that you have completed the advanced courses. Seek him out in Linnok Courtyard when you have a moment."

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