Quest path


  1. Lead Gardner Pohsin safely to the Hanging Gardens of Jahin.
  2. See Gardener Pohsin for your reward.

Obtained from

Gardener Pohsin in Vehtendi Valley



"I took a job at the Hanging Gardens of Jahin, across the river. Today is my first day. But there are all manner of creatures out there that would love to use my thighbone as a toothpick! As you can see, I'm a gardener, not a fighter. Please protect me on my journey. Once I meet up with the workers, I can work my schedule to travel with others to and from the job."
Accept: "You're in luck. My job is to help people in need."
Reject: "Time to file for unemployment."

Reward Dialogue

"If it weren't for you, I'd have never made it to my job... alive, anyway. Thank you so much. Here take this. You've certainly earned it."


Take the southeast exit from The Kodash Bazaar into Vehtendi Valley and head toward Gardener Pohsin (the green square shown on the included map). You will encounter a few plants, Kournans, and scattered Margonites. Once you've spoken with Pohsin, follow the marked path to the destination. Most of the mobs will leave Pohsin alone, so there's no need to clear the path ahead of time.


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