Disambiguous This article is about quest named The Dejarin Estate. For the location of the same name, see Dejarin Estate.



  1. Help Zudash regain his estate.
  2. Complete Estate Planning.
  3. Complete Tendering an Offer.
  4. Complete The Young Lady Vanishes.
  5. Complete Family Ties.

Obtained from

Zudash Dejarin in Yohlon Haven


The Foolhardy Father



"Well Sunspear, I must say my disdain for you is somewhat tempered by the opportunity you have presented to return to me that, which was, shall we say... appropriated... by the current ruler of Kourna. The chaos you brought to this region has averted Varesh's eyes from me for the moment, and now is the time to seize my lost estate. If you help me, I will not compromise your whereabouts. Talk to my man Kahan in Pogahn Passage. He has been my contact since my lands were taken from me."
Accept: "It is a Sunspear's duty to help all Elonians."
Reject: "Blackmail, Zudash? I just fought demons. Blackmail doesn't frighten me."

Reward Dialogue

"I didn't think I would ever see the day! Thank you, Sunspear! You have the eternal support of the Dejarins"


Meet up with Kahan in Pogahn Passage. You will need to find him yourself, there is no quest marker to begin this series of quests. He is standing close to the exit to Arkjok Ward.

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