The Courtyard
The Courtyard
Basic Info
Campaign: Core
Type: King of the Hill
Part of: The Rift
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The Courtyard is normally the seventh PvP map in the Global Tournament. It is a "King of the Hill" map with 3 teams, in rare cases only 2. Teams start on three opposing sides of the map. There is an altar in the center of the map. The team that has more points when the timer runs out wins.


  • To claim the center, place your Ghostly Hero on the altar and allow him to use Claim Resource.
  • The Gates can be opened and closed by a lever on the center side.
  • The team holding the center gets a point every 30 seconds.
  • Each team (along with their possibly dead priest) will resurrect at 2:00 at the center if their team is holding it. Otherwise they will resurrect at their resurrection shrine provided that their priest is still alive.
  • The three sides are not actually identical; yellow has a slightly longer route to the center.
  • Teams jumping from lower steps of the Heroes' Ascent often spawn on the yellow side.

In the Courtyard, each team has a Ghostly Hero and a Resurrection Shrine tended by a priest.

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