The Cipher of Lyssa map

Quest map from Rata Sum to the closest spawn


  1. Use the Divination to locate the Facet of Illusions.
  2. You are currently carrying the Divination.
  3. Defeat the Facet of Illusions to obtain its cipher.
  4. See Kerrsh for your reward.

Obtained from

Kerrsh in Tarnished Haven


The Cipher of Melandru


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"We are almost there. The answers we seek are near, yet there is more that must be done.
The Facet of Illusions, a manifestation of your deity, Lyssa, has appeared within the Magus Stones. Defeat it and bring its cipher to me. Quickly now, our time draws near!"
Accept: "Your urgency compels me to oblige!"
Reject: "My willingness to help is just an illusion."
When asked about quest: "The Facet of Illusions lies in wait in the Magus Stones. Take the Divination. It will lead you."

Reward Dialogue

"The one you call Lyssa, goddess of illusions... does she mock us? Taunt us? Perhaps she is trying to tell us something. My eyes are open, and my ears strain to hear. We must gather the last cipher. Only then will we understand."


The Cipher of Kormir (requires all four "cipher" quest listed in its Requirements be completed first)


The location the Divination leads you to is different each time you zone into Magus Stones. The proximity indicator will fill to indicate you are on the right track, initally blue and turns red as you get even closer. Once it fills completely, the Facet of Illusions will spawn. The boss should not be much of a challenge provided you don't accidentally aggro a nearby group.


  • The Facet of Illusions can sometimes spawn near where you enter, so you may want to keep rezoning until the Divination is showing that the boss is nearby. If it is, the facet can be found in the water near the waterfall that is crowded with Krait.

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