Obtained from

Embedded Arrowhead in Watchtower Coast





An arrowhead lies embedded within the ground. Something about the unique shape of the arrowhead seems familiar, as though you've seen it used somewhere before. The ground shows signs of a conflict that took place here. Perhaps the scrying pool in the Eye of the North can help shed some light on what happened in the past?
Accept: I'll get to the bottom of this.
Reject: I'm not interested in the past.

Intermediate dialogue 1

Gwen: What's that you've found? Wait...that's one of Keiran's arrowheads! He always used to fashion his own; he said that they worked better that way...

Gwen: If we use that...maybe the scrying pool can show us what happened. I can only hope. But...we may need more. I think I have just the thing.

Gwen: I have one of Keiran's bows. Gods willing, it will be enough. Come and speak with me when you're ready to take it.

Reward dialogue

The scrying pool begins to react as you approach, thoughts of the arrowhead fixed firmly in your mind.


After "speaking" with the arrowhead, go to the Eye of the North and enter the Hall of Monuments, then "speak" with the Scrying Pool.


Bug Bug! Gwen will sometimes repeat the last line of her dialogue endlessly. Try rezoning to stop this.

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