Species: Human
Profession: Crafter
Level(s): 20


She crafts items in exchange for Copper Zaishen Coins and 10 Gold.



"Select an item from my list below, then click "Craft."

Collector Items


Location: Great Temple of Balthazar
Collecting: Copper Zaishen Coins

Item Copper Zaishen Coins Copper Zaishen Coin Gold Gold
Silver Zaishen Coin 50 10 Gold
Champagne Popper 30 10 Gold
Sparkler 30 10 Gold
Bottle Rocket 30 10 Gold
Creme Brulee 60 10 Gold
Flask of Firewater 60 10 Gold
Superior Identification Kit 80 10 Gold
Crate of Fireworks 90 10 Gold
Scroll of Adventurer's Insight 30 10 Gold
Scroll of Rampager's Insight 35 10 Gold
Scroll of Hunter's Insight 40 10 Gold
Passage Scroll to the Deep 50 10 Gold
Passage Scroll to Urgoz's Warren 50 10 Gold


  • This NPC is named after the player Tesla.

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