Disambiguous This article is about normal Terrorweb Dryders. For silver Terrorweb Dryders, see Terrorweb Dryder (silver).
Terrorweb Dryder
Species: Dryder
Profession: Elementalist
Level(s): 28, 30


These gargantuan spider-creatures can be found in the Underworld as part of several quests, where they have to be killed to restore the monuments of Grenth in particular (but not exclusively). They are the main brunt of Dhuum's forces.


Skills used

Items dropped


  • When attacking them watch out for the Meteor Showers they like to cast at the beginning of the fight. Spread out and hang back until they have cast them, then engage. Also, if possible, stay spread out during the fight, so that their Fireballs are less effective.
  • They appear in the Underworld, a Core location, and in the Realm of Torment, a Nightfall location, but they use some skills that are Prophecies Campaign only.
  • Though found commonly in Underworld locations these are considered fleshy creatures and are susceptible to conditions such as bleeding, poison, etc. Also, their corpses are exploitable.
  • Their basic attack deals Dark damage and thus will not trigger the effects of Mark of Rodgort.
  • Terrorweb Dryders have a roughly 1% chance of dropping a Glob of Ectoplasm.
  • They will not use Lava Font unless more than one enemy is adjacent to them.
  • They sometimes appear to be white in the Underworld.

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