Tengu Scepter
Tengu Scepter
Weapon details
Linked attribute(s):Varies
Damage type(s):Varies


The Tengu Scepter is a type of wand that can be obtained as a reward for completing Togo's Story. It is automatically customised for the character who obtains it, and has an empty inscription slot. It cannot be salvaged for materials. There are 21 types of Tengu Scepters, one linked to each caster attribute. They follow the naming convention of "Tengu <attribute> Scepter".

Weapon Stats


  • <Type> damage: 11-22 (req. 9 <Requirement Attribute>)
  • Inscription: None


This wand can be obtained from Akemi (Scribe) in:

In exchange for an authorized copy of Togo's Story.


Dye affects the color of the wrappings around the scepter's hand grip. Tengu Scepter Dye

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