Temple of the Ages
Temple of the Ages
Basic Info
Campaign: Prophecies
Type: Outpost
Part of: Kryta
The Black Curtain


From time immemorial the Temple of the Ages has stood in this protected location just inland of the Divinity Coast. The elements have taken their toll on the temple, and even the statues of the gods are now little more than piles of rubble. Still, this sacred place holds a magic that attracts the bold and the adventurous. Some say that the stones themselves will rise up one day and rebuild the temple, and on that day, the gods will once again turn their gaze upon Kryta.

The Temple of the Ages is an ancient temple deep in the heart of Kryta. Worship of the Old Gods of Tyria is still dominant in the temple and it features great monuments erected for each god. While the White Mantle have slowly spread the worship of their Unseen Ones throughout Kryta, they leave the temple alone. It is rumored to have been built before humans even settled in Kryta.

Getting there

Getting to ToA

Routes to the Temple of the Ages

From LA to ToA

Path from Lion's Arch to the Temple of the Ages

You can find the Temple of the Ages in the Black Curtain area. It can be reached from Bergen Hot Springs (travel west) or Fishermen's Haven (travel north then east). See the map on the right.

The quest the Lost Princess, which can be acquired in Fishermen's Haven, will lead to this location.




Temple of the Ages


  • When you travel here, the "/favor" command is automatically used.

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