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Copyright Details
Require URI or text of license
Require source details
Require author details
License reason:
Require reason why the license covers publication on GuildWiki

This image may be freely used on user pages.

If you think this image is incorrectly licensed you may discuss this on the image's talk page.


{{Licensed image
    | license = provide a link to the license, or copy the license
    | source = source of the original image (URI if possible)
    | author = the creator of the image 
    | usernotes = added notes from the tagger 
    | reasoning = reason that the license applies to publishing this image on GuildWiki
    | usableonuserpage = some images can not be used in userpages, put "= no" in this case.


  • The license must cover publication rights, "personal use" does not cover putting this image on the internet.
  • You can provide a link to a web page with the license. While this is convenient, you run the risk that your image might get deleted as unlicensed if that page changes.
  • You can give the full text of the license in the license parameter. This is impractical for long licenses, especially if you plan to upload more than one image under this license.
  • Recommended: You can make an article on GuildWiki that holds the text of the license, and provide a link to the license in the license field. Placing the license in GuildWiki:License/name_of_license allows other editors to easily find and reuse it.

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