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TPS Regulator Golem
TPS Regulator Golem
Species: Golem
Profession: Warrior
Level(s): 29
Zcoins This article has an associated Zaishen Challenge Quest.


A golem warrior Boss-like foe found at the end of the Oola's Lab dungeon. It spawns along with 2 Flame Guardians. It is the objective of the Little Workshop of Horrors quest. Upon killing it, an Oola's Chest will spawn.


Eye of the North Expansion

Skills used

Items dropped


  • It uses two nearly duplicate skills in Unstable Aura and Unstable Pulse, the latter lasting for a duration of 175 seconds and dealing damage to adjacent foes when it ends.
  • It is quite a pushover if you pull the two Flame Guardians that spawn with him and kill them first. This also has the effect of disabling the nearby Fire Traps.
  • Also note that, like many bigger bosses, the golem will go down extremely quickly to the Necromancer elite skill Spoil Victor.


  • The TPS Regulator Golem derives his name from "TPS reports", the loathed pieces of paperwork in Office Space.

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