Superior Identification Kit
Superior Identification Kit
Subtype Kit
Rarity Common
Value 250 Gold
Stackable No
Campaign Core
Uses 100

An Identification Kit is a set of tools used to identify items.


Double-click to identify another item in your inventory.


Collector Location Reward trophy
Imperial Quartermaster Kaineng Center 3 Imperial Commendations
Kurzick Quartermaster House zu Heltzer 3 Equipment Requisitions
Luxon Quartermaster Cavalon 3 Luxon Totems
Smuggler Command Post 3 Kournan Coins
Vabbi Trade Official The Kodash Bazaar 3 Trade Contracts
Wandering Scribe Gate of Desolation 3 Ancient Artifacts
Secret Keeper Gate of Torment 3 Inscribed Secrets


Main article: Identify


  • Spending reward trophies on Superior Identification Kits is a better deal than spending them on standard Identification Kits.
    • Trading 1 trophies for a standard kit (25 uses) gives a value of 25/1 = 25 uses/trophy.
    • Trading 3 trophies for a Superior kit (100 uses) gives a value of 100/3 = 33.3 uses/trophy.
  • Buying one with gold, however, is a waste of money.
    • Buying a standard kit for 100 Gold gives a value of 100/25 = 4 Gold/use.
    • Buying a Superior kit for 500 Gold gives a value of 500/100 = 5 Gold/use.

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