1. Deliver 5 Scrolls of Rebellious Rhetoric to the Dredge Slaves.
  2. See Molachev for your reward.

Obtained from

Molachev in Sorrow's Furnace


Enter the Furnace without To Sorrow's Furnace quest.


6,000 XP


"My people have been oppressed for so long they think freedom is just a dream. I need someone to disseminate these Scrolls of Rebellious Rhetoric to help enlighten them."
"It will be dangerous; many are blinded by fear and will react violently to rebellious ideas... but others are willing to listen, if you can find them."
"Will you help?"

Reward Dialogue

"Our message spreads. More and more Dredges are coming over to the cause. The rebellion is in your debt."




This quest will be unavailable if you have any part of "To Sorrows Furnace" or "The Final Assault" active in your quest log.


This quest will not offer direction on the radar, but there are a few easy slaves to note:

  • Across the clearing from Molachev, there is a slave.
  • At the entrance to the furnace there is one standing on the plateau where Krak Flamewhip stands in the quest Summit Slaves.
  • By the Crushers where the quest Cold One takes place there is a slave.
  • Further east of the crushers is another slave, just past Marshall Whitman. You may want to pick up Tasca's Reprise while in the area.
  • To the east on the way under bridge, just by the Resurrection Shrine.

There are slaves deep in the green areas inside the mines but they are heavily guarded.

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