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Stygian Veil
Stygian Veil
Basic Info
Campaign: Nightfall
Type: Explorable area
Part of: Gate of Anguish (explorable)
City of Torc'qua (west)
Ravenheart Gloom (north)
Stygian Veil map
(click to enlarge)

General Information

Area Name: Stygian Veil (marked as The Stygian Veil on the map)

Region: Realm of Torment

Outposts & Cities



Stygian Veil





Environment Effect


  • The area name Stygian Veil will not display upon entering the instanced map nor will it display when pressing U for mini map due to the fact that the actual map is called Gate of Anguish with Stygian Veil only being a sub zone.
  • For Stygian Veil, any way to reduce damage other than blocking or dodging attacks will work. Examples, Blindness, Weakness, Dazed, Knock downs, Armor Buffs, Slowing spells, Interrupts or spells that cause foes to miss.


  • "Stygian" is a latin adjective derived from Greek "Styx", which is the name of the river that forms the boundary around the Underworld of Greek mythology and is owned by the Greek god of the Underworld, Hades.

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