Stygian Gemstone
Stygian Gemstone
Subtype Reward trophy
Rarity Rare
Value 0 Gold
Stackable Yes
Campaign Nightfall

Stygian Gemstones are a type of Anguish Gemstone, a special type of reward trophy found only in the Domain of Anguish.


Quest reward
  • The Stygian Chest that appears after killing the Dreadspawn Maw contains 1–4 Stygian Gemstones for each party member, one for each of the Lords of Anguish which have been defeated during the current trip through the Domain of Anguish. This amount is doubled in hard mode, allowing up to eight gemstones to drop.
  • A Coffer of Whispers has a chance of giving you 5 Stygian Gemstones.



This stone has the same appearance as a Stone of the Elements.

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