Stormray is a Unique Item dropped by KaySey Stormray in the Archipelagos explorable area, just outside of Cavalon.

Unique weapon details
Linked attribute(s): Divine Favor
Damage type(s): Holy
Dropped by: KaySey Stormray
Skin: Jellyfish Wand

Weapon stats


Crafter / Collector / PvP counterpart

Healing Rods with nearly the same attributes are available from Weaponsmith Sheco in the Bukdek Byway. The only difference is that they inflict Fire damage instead of Holy damage.

This wand's stats cannot be replicated or even approximated in PvP, as both HCT and +energy wand bonuses occupy the inscription slot.


This weapon is most unusual, as it is one of the few weapons in the whole game that causes Holy damage with a requirement in Divine Favor, besides the Droknar's Staff. Normally all weapons with a requirement in Divine Favor cause fire damage. Holy damage used to be reserved for Smiting weapons only. Since the release of Nightfall it has become common for Healing and Protective Rods too, but not Divine Favor weapons.

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