Disambiguous This article is about the Item named Stormcaller. For the Skill Stormcaller, see Stormcaller (Skill).

Warning: The following text contains spoilers relating to the plot of Prophecies.

Stormcaller Horn

Stormcaller as seen in the Ruins of Surmia mission


Stormcaller's effect

Stormcaller is the mouth piece of the gigantic Horn of King Doric that is mounted on Horn Hill just north of the city of Rin.

Stormcaller is the key to unleashing the powers of the Horn of King Doric which are said to be enough to defeat any invading army.

In the Nolani Academy mission, players successfully defend Rin against an attempt by the Charr to burn it to the ground by using the powers of Stormcaller. Stormcaller is used to invoke the Horn of King Doric which brings forth a rain storm that puts out the fires of the Charr and allows players to go in and save the city. Invoking the Horn weakens the Charr by reducing their maximum health by 100 as seen in the adjacent picture.

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