Steel Daggers
Steel Daggers (common)
Steel Daggers (uncommon)
Steel Daggers (rare)
Weapon details
Linked attribute(s):Dagger Mastery
Damage type(s):Piercing damage
PvP reward type: Basic (Common skin)
Common:Iron Ingots
Rare:Steel Ingots


This is a Nightfall Campaign item. There are three skins for Steel Daggers, each relating to color rarity. Common Steel Daggers (white or blue rarity) have a simple, smooth edge; uncommon Steel Daggers (purple rarity) have forked tips; rare Steel Daggers (gold rarity) have a serrated inner edge.

Occasionally, purple Steel Daggers may also use the serrated edge skin.


Nightfall Campaign


The dye affects the wrappings on the handle, which come in a brown-red natural color.

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