Ssaresh Rattler
Ssaresh Rattler
Species: Naga
Profession: Assassin
Level(s): 28 (30)
Ssaresh rattler location


Ssaresh Rattler can be found grouped with two or three other Nagas to the south of Seacrash, Elder Guardian's position. As players approach, it will move towards the northeast to meet up with another small group of Nagas. While moving to join up, Ssaresh's group do not aggro and you can quickly run past them if you do not wish to fight them.

As the meeting point between the two Naga groups is very near Seacrash and the groups of Rot Wallows and an Island Guardian, they almost always end up fighting each other. Ssaresh and his group usually lose due to the healing and damage supporting of the Island Guardian and Seacrash.


Skills used

Items dropped


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