Disambiguous This article is about an environmental feature. For the spell, see Spirit Rift.
Spirit Rift (phenomenon)

A spirit rift in Raisu Palace

Spirit rifts are portals into the human world from the world of spirits. They are used by Shiro Tagachi to summon an army of Shiro'ken that will fight for him. A spirit rift looks like a large glowing sphere.

In the Sunjiang District mission, they are guarded by a Spirit of Portals that keeps the rift open and summons Shiro'ken units through it. Destroying the Spirit of Portals will close the spirit rift.

In the area Raisu Palace (explorable), they are used to summon more Shiro'ken units. They will be found near bosses and whenever the party comes close to them, a large group of Shiro'ken will appear.

Spirit Rifts can also be found in the Nightfall mission Gate of Madness.

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