Spiked Targe
Spiked Targe
Shield details
Attribute(s) Strength
PvP reward type Basic
Common Iron Ingots
Rare Steel Ingots


Spiked Targes are a type of Shield. It is a round shield with spikes all around the circumference of the shield and a spike on its center. There are two versions of this shield - a smaller and a larger version.

Previously exclusive to the Factions Campaign, inscribable versions of this shield have also been observed to drop in GW:EN.


Factions Campaign

Eye of the North Expansion - all are the larger version, Tactics requiring




Dye affects only the outer rim, the center around the large spike and the base of all the spikes including the central. Its default dye is Yellow.

Spiked Targe colored


  • Warrior-icon-smallArrahhsh's Aegis (Unique) uses the larger version of this shield.
  • Here is a comparison of the sizes of the two versions of the Spiked Targe:
Spiked Targe Comparison

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