• Defend Grendich Courthouse from the Charr attackers.
  • At least one Ascalonian soldier must survive. 8 of 8 soldiers still living.

Decoded Charr battle plans revealed an attack on Grendich Courthouse designed to wipe out entrenched Ascalonian forces. Ensure their survival.

Obtained from

Captain Langmar
Requires Encrypted Charr Battle Plans


Dialogue "Good work, [name]. You've uncovered vital information! I can't spare any troops right now. Do you think you can handle intercepting the Charr and disrupting their plans?"

Accept: "I'll travel behind enemy lines and put a stop to their nefarious plans."
Reject: "I'm not ready to deal with Charr forces right now."


Simply go down the stairs and kill all the Charr that arrive. Many of them are Level 8, so a Minion Master will make the quest somewhat easier. As the quest progresses, more level 20 Charr arrive with the groups, making things a little more difficult. Blade Masters and Dominators have resurrection skills, so be sure to kill them or plant a Spirit of Frozen Soil somewhere nearby. By also standing at the foot of the stairs, you can funnel tons of Charr into a tight group, making them excellent targets for AoE spells.

This quest will end if your party wipes and you will not be able to re-enter until you obtain another encrypted battle plan.

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