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"Abaddon" to Akina
Ako to Ascalon Armor/Female
Ascalon Armor/Male to BLS
BM to Bodrus the Outfitter
Body Blow to Cap Sig
Cap son to Chorben
Chorben/Weapons to Crit
Critical to Deldrimor Protection Staff
Deldrimor Reaper to Doric
Dormant Husk to Ebon Vanguard Title Track
Ebon Vanguard bounty to Enduring Torment
Enduring Toxin to Feng the skull symbol
Fenrir to GH
GL to General secondary professions
General trapping guide to Gruhn the Fisher
Gruhn the Fisher/CollectorArmor to Heart of Destruction
Heart of Fury to Illusion of haste
Illusion of pain to Jin's Hornbow
Jin, the Purifier to Kobach the Ferocious
Kodan to Light damage
Light equipment pack to Mahrek Churi
Mahto Sharptooth to Mesmer Ascended Enchanter's Armor
Mesmer Ascended Kurzick Armor to Monk's Handwraps
Monk's Pants to Nebo Terrace/Quests
Nebo Village to Ntouka Bird
Nu Leng to Party Animal
Party Formation to Price of Steel
Price of failure to Ranger Kurzick armor/Male
Ranger Luxon Armor to Ritualist's Focus
Ritualist's Tunic to Sark
Sark/Collector to Shattered Elemental
Shattered Ravines to Skills by capture location (Eye of the North)
Skills by capture location (Factions) to Stalking Night
Stalwart Carapace Shield to Swift as the wind
Swiftness to The Heart of Ice
The Hero's Challenge to Track Down Panaku
Track Down Su to Veiled Nightmare
Veiled Threat to Warrior Vabbian Armor/Male
Warrior Vabbian armor to Xue Yi
Xuekao, the Deceptive to Über Micro Skillz

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