Effect details
Sorrow's Flame
Sorrow's Flame
Campaign: Prophecies
Type: Environment Effect

Damages creatures in range.


Sorrows Flame

Sorrow's Flame

This environment effect may be suffered in two ways in center of Sorrow's Furnace:

1) Sorrow's Flame is molten metal dropped by the Iron Forgeman. It is used as an attack against players in the quest The Forge Heart. Sorrow's Flame will cause a quick succession of fire damage hits (each around 40 hit points) to players, similar to Spectral Agony.

Players can spot the large metal container that pours the molten metal a few seconds before it drops its load if they have their view zoomed out. Also, sparks and drops of molten metal will begin to drop just as the molten metal is about to hit. Players should heed these signs and move away quickly. Another warning sign is that the Iron Forgeman will use it usually around the same spot he uses Sorrow's Fist.

Players must allow themselves to be hit by this attack in order to hatch their Black Moa Chick.

2) Sorrow's Flame is also dealt when standing close to the huge furnace near the Iron Forgeman's lair. This will deal one blast of 100+ damage. Being hit by this effect will not hatch the Black Moa Chick.

The closer to the target of the effect a character is, the more damage they will take.

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