Smothering Tendrils
Smothering Tendrils
Species: Demon
Level(s): 24


Smothering Tendrils are parts of the Dreadspawn Maw. They are immobile and their basic attack has melee range, however they have their own version of Torment Slash, making them deadly even at long range. Upon killing one of these, a large group of Stygian demons will spawn in its place as well as up to eight Torment Claws.


Skills used

Items dropped

Stygian items


  • The individual creatures are called "Smothering Tendrils" in-game rather than "Smothering Tendril".
  • The Torment Slash used by these does much more damage, has a larger range, and a shorter recharge time than when the skill is seen in the normal course of play in the Nightfall campaign.

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