Smoke Canister

A Smoke Canister

Smoke Canisters are used during the Gyala Hatchery (mission) to direct the fire of the Siege Turtles. Upon the start of the mission, the first three players to talk with Petras will be given a canister. These canisters may be dropped to direct the siege turtles where to fire. Every ten to fifteen seconds, siege turtles that are not flipped over will fire at the location of a dropped canister. These volleys deal heavy damage to foes in the area as well as knock them down.

Once dropped, smoke canisters may be picked up and moved by players. However, henchmen will not carry them, so a group of fewer than three players will most likely be forced to use only one or two canisters for targeting. In this case, multiple turtles will fire at the same canister location.

Due to the firing delay, place the canisters in front of incoming foes.

Placing canisters in the middle of the group of Young Turtles will greatly help them survive melee attacks.

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