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Small equipment pack
Small Equipment Pack

A Small Equipment Pack is an inventory container, and can store up to 5 weapons and/or pieces of armor. It is equipped in the same way as a Belt Pouch or Bag, but does not show up when you "Toggle all bags" (default button is F9.)



  • Dye can be applied to the Small Equipment Pack but has no effect on the color of the bag.

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  • A given character cannot place armor or weapons customized for any other character (including those on the same account) in an Equipment Pack.
  • It cannot be expanded with a Rune of Holding.
  • Items cannot be salvaged when in the Equipment Pack.
  • The merchant-resale value differs depending on how you acquired the pack: merchant-purchased packs can be returned for a 1 Platinum 250 Gold refund; Professor Yakkington collected-packs and those traded for Zaishen Coins are worth only 50 Gold to merchants.

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