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Slort Nilbog
Slort Nilbog
Species: Heket
Profession: Warrior
Level(s): 5 (23)


The Slort Nilbog is a ridiculously small and weak creature. It is about the size of a dog. Be slightly wary of it in Hard Mode as it is capable of killing a player that is under The Elixir of Strength effect.


Skills Used

Items Dropped


  • The Slort Nilbog can actually be killed, but one must be ready. Any minions in your party will be unable to attack, but if a Shambling Horror dies, a Jagged Horror will be created that is not under the effects of the elixir, and can kill the creature quite easily.
  • Any creature brought about by use of a summoning stone will also be able to kill Slort Nilbog.
  • Spirits summoned beforehand may still attack.


"Nilbog" is "goblin" backwards and "Slort" is "Trols" backwards, likely derived from "Trolls".

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