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Warrior-icon Warrior

Axe Mastery

Hammer Mastery




No Attribute

Allegiance rank

Ranger-icon Ranger

Beast Mastery



Wilderness Survival

Allegiance rank

Monk-icon Monk

Divine Favor

Healing Prayers

Protection Prayers

Smiting Prayers

No Attribute

Allegiance rank

Necromancer-icon Necromancer

Blood Magic


Death Magic

Soul Reaping

No Attribute

Allegiance rank

Mesmer-icon Mesmer

Domination Magic

Fast Casting

Illusion Magic

Inspiration Magic

No Attribute

Allegiance rank

Elementalist-icon Elementalist

Air Magic

Earth Magic

Energy Storage

Fire Magic

Water Magic

No Attribute

Allegiance rank

Assassin-icon Assassin

Critical Strikes

Dagger Mastery

Deadly Arts

Shadow Arts

No Attribute

Allegiance rank

Ritualist-icon Ritualist

Channeling Magic


Restoration Magic

Spawning Power

No Attribute

Allegiance rank

Paragon-icon Paragon

Allegiance rank

Dervish-icon Dervish

Allegiance rank

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