(see also: Pre-Searing quest list, Pre-Searing checklist)

Location NPC Quest Name
Warrior-icon Ranger-icon Monk-icon Necromancer-icon Mesmer-icon Elementalist-icon
Lakeside County Lina the Healer Adventure with an Ally Resurrection Signet
Lakeside County Van the Warrior Warrior Test Frenzy, Healing Signet          
Green Hills County Warmaster Grast Grawl Invasion Sever Artery, Gash, Healing Signet          
The Barradin Estate Duke Barradin Warrior's Challenge Hammer Bash, Frenzy          
" Little Thom The Vineyard Problem Executioner's Strike, Cyclone Axe          
Lakeside County Artemis the Ranger Ranger Test   Power Shot, Troll Unguent        
Regent Valley Master Ranger Nente The Ranger's Companion   Charm Animal, Troll Unguent, Comfort Animal        
" Ivor Trueshot A Test of Marksmanship   Read the Wind, Point Blank Shot        
Wizard's Folly Aidan Unnatural Growths   Ignite Arrows, Dual Shot        
Lakeside County Ciglo the Monk Monk Test     Banish, Healing Breeze      
Green Hills County Grazden the Protector Protection Prayers     Reversal of Fortune, Shielding Hands      
Ashford Abbey Brother Mhenlo A Monk's Mission     Bane Signet, Orison of Healing      
" " The Blessings of Balthazar     Retribution, Symbol of Wrath      
Lakeside County Verata the Necromancer Necromancer Test       Vampiric Gaze, Deathly Swarm    
Green Hills County Kasha Blackblood The Power of Blood       Vampiric Touch, Blood Renewal    
The Catacombs Necromancer Munne The Necromancer's Novice       Animate Bone Horror, Deathly Swarm, Life Siphon    
" Oberan the Reviled The Accursed Path       Soul Barbs, Faintheartedness    
Lakeside County Sebedoh the Mesmer Mesmer Test         Empathy, Ether Feast  
" Lady Althea A Mesmer's Burden         Conjure Phantasm, Ether Feast, Imagined Burden  
Foible's Fair Vassar Domination Magic         Backfire, Shatter Delusions  
Lakeside County Howland the Elementalist Elementalist Test           Flare, Aura of Restoration
Wizard's Folly Elementalist Aziure The Elementalist Experiment           Fire Storm, Aura of Restoration, Glyph of Lesser Energy
Foible's Fair Ralena Stormbringer The Supremacy of Air           Blinding Flash, Lightning Javelin

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