Location NPC Quest Name
Warrior-icon Ranger-icon Monk-icon Necromancer-icon Mesmer-icon Elementalist-icon Assassin-icon Ritualist-icon
Shing Jea Monastery Headmaster Zhan Locate Talon Silverwing Healing Signet,
Power Attack,
Sever Artery
" Headmaster Greico Locate Sujun   Power Shot,
Charm Animal,
Troll Unguent
" Headmaster Amara Locate Sister Tai     Bane Signet,
Healing Breeze,
Orison of Healing
" Headmaster Kuju Locate Reng Ku       Deathly Swarm,
Life Siphon,
Vampiric Gaze
" Headmaster Kaa Locate Mei Ling         Conjure Phantasm,
Ether Feast,
" Headmaster Vhang Locate Ronsu           Aura of Restoration,
Lightning Orb
" Headmaster Lee Locate Jinzo             Unsuspecting Strike,
Shadow Refuge,
Dancing Daggers
" Headmaster Quin Locate Professor Gai               Pain,
Painful Bond,
Vengeful Weapon
Sunqua Vale Talon Silverwing Talon's Duel Cyclone Axe,
"Watch Yourself!"
" Sujun Free the Fur   Comfort Animal,
Whirling Defense
" Sister Tai Stale Mate     Healing Touch,
Reversal of Fortune
" Reng Ku Little Creatures       Animate Bone Fiend,
" Mei Ling Cleansing The Shrine         Backfire,
Shatter Hex
" Ronsu Spark of Interest           Armor of Earth,
Ice Spikes
" Jinzo Opening Strike             Fox Fangs,
Death's Charge
" Professor Gai Minions Gone Wild               Union,
Brutal Weapon
Panjiang Peninsula Weng Gha The Crop Thieves Mighty Blow,
" Su Reaping the Naga       Soul Feast,
Barbed Signet
" Kai Ying Sparring Elements           Fire Storm,
Stone Daggers
" Ang the Ephemeral Shackled Spirits               Generous Was Tsungrai,
Spirit Rift
Kinya Province Zho The Yeti Hunt   Read the Wind,
Flame Trap
" Brother Pe Wan Seeking a Cure     Resurrect,
" Lo Sha Lo Sha's Gift         Shatter Enchantment,
Energy Tap
" Panaku Dual Strike             Shroud of Distress,
Twisting Fangs
Shing Jea Monastery Instructor Ng Advanced Defense Techniques Defensive Stance Throw Dirt Shielding Hands Enfeebling Blood Clumsiness Ward Against Melee Blinding Powder Shadowsong
" " Skill Chaining Balanced Stance,
Drunken Blow
Dual Shot,
Kindle Arrows
Zealot's Fire,
Draw Conditions
Death Nova,
Animate Bone Minions
Imagined Burden,
Mantra of Persistence
Glyph of Lesser Energy
Critical Eye,
Way of Perfection
Channeled Strike,
Cruel Was Daoshen
" " Condition Removal     Mend Ailment Plague Touch       Resilient Weapon
" " Defense Against Hexes     Remove Hex   Shatter Hex      
" " Disenchantment Course       Strip Enchantment Shatter Enchantment   Expunge Enchantments  
" " Disruption Distracting Blow Distracting Shot     Power Spike Gale   Dissonance
" " Snaring Course Sprint Pin Down       Deep Freeze Caltrops  

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