Skelk are a species of reptilian creatures encountered the Eye of the North expansion. They can be found in the Verdant Cascades area and in several dungeons. They vary greatly in appearance, from the squat ceratopsian Skelk Scourger to the Skelk Reaper. Collectable drops include Skelk Claws and Skelk Fangs.

Known types

Region Type Trophy
Depths of Tyria Warrior-icon-small24 (26) Skelk Rampager
Necromancer-icon-small24 (26) Skelk Corrupter
Assassin-icon-small24 (26) Skelk Slasher
Assassin-icon-small24 (26) Wretched Wolf
Skelk Fang
Tarnished Coast1 Monk-icon-small24 (26) Skelk Scourger
Necromancer-icon-small24 (26) Skelk Afflictor
Assassin-icon-small24 (26) Skelk Reaper
Skelk Claw
  1. These skelk also appear during Finding the Bloodstone.

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