The Skeleton Army is an army of undead skeletal units that is found in the Fissure of Woe. This army is found mainly in the Great Battle Field in the plain north of the Temple of War. They do not seem to hold allegiance to either of Balthazar's Eternals or Menzies's Shadow Army who are fighting over control of the Fissure. They will fight parties adventuring there (allies of Balthazar) as well as groups of the Shadow Army (allied with Menzies). They can also be found around the Wailing Lord.

With the exception of Skeletal Berserkers, all the units of the Skeleton Army are towering figures easily surpassing twice the height of humans.

Tip: They are undead units and as such take double damage from holy attacks.

For a complete list of the units of the Skeleton Army, see: Category:Skeleton Army.

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