Sister Choi Ju
Sister Choi Ju
Species: Human
Level(s): 20

Sister Choi Ju is found in Tsumei Village and is involved in several quests.


Quests Involved In


"Dwayna's blessings upon you, child. Are you a new student at the monastery? Yes... I thought so. I can always recognize the face of an eager young student hungry for knowledge. If this is your first time to island of Shing Jea, you should really visit some of the local landmarks. Here, in Sunqua Vale, you will find Zen Nai Falls, whose waters supply most of Cantha. You can then take the Tomaat Pass to Kinya Province, which is a truley lovely place. While you are there, be sure to visit the Tengu village of Aerie, as well as Onghsang Island, where the kappa make their home. To the east, in Jaya Bluffs, pass through Sungkaa Caverns; it is a breathtaking ice cavern that will lead you to Haiju Lagoon, where of course, you absolutely must visit the bustling Hanzing Pier. The merchants there carry some wonderful goods."

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