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A signet is a skill that costs no energy and no adrenaline to use.

To balance the zero cost, signets usually have a long recharge time or a long Activation Time. There are no sub-types of signet.

Signet of Capture is the only signet that is used up when used. One must be bought for each use; thus, the skill trainer never lists it as "known".


  • Signets are often useful for energy management.
  • Signets may also be useful when under the effects of hexes (like Backfire and Guilt) that bar the use of spells. For example, one may safely clear such a hex with a Purge Signet without triggering the hex effect.
  • There are no special signets for the Elementalist profession.


  • Almost all signets have a carving look.
  • Signets are most likely a reference to Signet rings, as Guild Wars lore says that skills are worn as rings on fingers.

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