Siege Wurm
Species: Wurm
Level(s): 20 (26)


Siege Wurms are a special type of Sand Wurm that fires a powerful explosive ranged attack called Wurm Siege. Unlike Sand Wurms, Siege Wurms are stationary once they have surfaced and will not follow players. Like Sand Wurms, they are heavily armored and take a long time to take down. Their sole damaging attack (Wurm Siege) takes three seconds to cast. Interrupt it, and the battle becomes a mere matter of whittling away the creature's health.


Skills used

Items dropped


  • Siege Wurms have Natural resistance
  • They have twice the average health of a level 20 foe, boasting 960 health, as well as fairly high armor.
  • Their aggro range is much larger than other monsters and the maximum range of its attack is even greater.
  • The compass map also indicates that the wurm has fired its attack using a red marker (The same as used by players clicking on the compass map).
  • The Wurm Siege monster skill can be interrupted, etc. as a Spell.
  • A Mesmer with interrupts and Wastrel's Worry can take them down rather quickly by ignoring their high armor.

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